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McCall Re-Mastered, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, ID

10am race start, 45K/30K/15K, Skate technique. Mass start, 3 laps for 45K.

Forecast/conditions: Snow and/or rain throughout the week prior to raceday, Friday night low of 29, 30F at race start, daytime high of 32. 75% chance of precip during race. Debris/sap may be on the trail if rain.

Glidewax: Apply BM6 Green Molybdenum fluor wax, scrape and brush. Apply BM4 Purple Molybdenum fluor, and scrape and brush. For topcoat, rub on a layer of BMR5 block, and iron through a sheet of fiberlene. Rub-on a second layer of BMR5 after ski has cooled, and iron the same way again. After ski has cooled again, hand cork and brush with a dedicated fluor polishing brush. HF1 liquid roto-corked into the 2nd layer of BMR5 is a possible speed increase.

If fresh snow instead of rain, use LF8 Blue for base, and HF4 Red. Use HF11 block and HF1 liquid as topcoat. Rub on and iron HF11 first, then apply HF11 and HF1 roto-corked together.

Brush out skis completely after testing, and possibly re-apply topcoat. Stay away from dirty areas during warmup.