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Billy Goat Loppet, Sun Valley Nordic Center, Sun Valley, ID

10:30am race time. 10k or 5k Skate race distances.

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight, partly cloudy with a low of 14F. Temps at race start in low 20s. Partly cloudy with 30% chance of snow. New fresh snow conditions.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, scraped and brushed. Apply HF8 or HFxt Blue, scraped, and brushed with metal, horsehair and stiff nylon brushes. Crayon on HF11 block or, and iron through a sheet of fiberlene. Handcork after ski has cooled. Brush out with dedicated fluor polishing brush. Rebrush after warmup.

Alternative topcoat: Apply HF3 Liquid on top of crayoned layer of HF11, and roto-cork together. Polish.