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Teton Ridge Classic, Grand Targhee Ski Area, Alta, WY

Saturday, January 12, 10am. 24/14/6/2k distances, CLassic.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight clear, low fo 10F. Race temps in the mid-teens.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 or SG10 Green, scraping while still warm. Apply HF10 or MF10 Green, scraping while still warm, and brushing with metal and stiff nylon brushes.

Topcoat: Apply HF13 block, ironing through a sheet of fiberlene, then handcork. Brush and polish with dedicated fluor brushes.

Grip: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply thin layer of Base Wax with torch or iron. After cooling, apply 4-5 thin layers of Synthetic Green, finishing with 2 thin layers of Tar Green. Use pyramid method of kick wax application, going shorter with each layer of grip wax, but cover the complete zone with the first layer of Tar Green.