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Carnival Classic Ski Race, 12/4/1K CL, Glacier Nordic Center, Whitefish, MT

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight low around 26 with a 50% chance of rain/snow mix. Sunday rain/snow mix likely in the AM with temps at race start just above freezing. 


Base: LF8 or BM6 Moly fluor glider

Glider: HF4 glider

Top: HF7 Powder, ironed and brushed and/or HF11 block, roto-corked and brushed and polished.


Base: Base Klister, ironed or otherwise heated.

Grip: Thin layer of Purple Klister, then a layer of Special Klister.  If too grippy, then blend a layer of Black Magic Fluor hard wax into the Special Klister.  Otherwise, hairies or skin skis will be the best/easiest.