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Alley Loop, 42/21/10K, Skate and Classic, mass start, Crested Butte, CO

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 20. Low 20s temps at race start. 40% chance of snow Friday evening, less than 1". Dirty granular snow in town loop, colder old snow above town.


Base: BM6 Moly fluor or LF10, scraped while bases still warm.

Glide: HF8 Glider scraped while bases still warm. Brushed with fine steel or copper, then horsehair and hard nylon brushes. While this wax might seem a bit warm for the expected temps, it will hold up better in the coarse snow than a softer wax like HF6 or HF4. 

Top: HF7 fluor powder, ironed and brushed. Finish layer of HF11 block, rubbed on and corked in, brushed and polished


Base: Base Extra ironed, then 2 layers of Synthetic Blue. Add 1-2 layers RF Violet under the toe.

Kick: 2 layers of RF Red, then 2 thin layers FHF60