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IMD Junior National Qualifer, Ponderosa State Park, McCall, ID

10K/5K skate, mass start

Forecast/conditions: Saturday night mostly cloudy with low around 23. A 95% chance of snow Saturday night and 60% chance on Sunday. Temps at start near 25, highs of 27. Track mostly new snow on a firm base.

Glidewax, U16 and older:

Base: LF8 Blue, scraped and brushed.

Glide: HF4 Red, scraped and brushed.

Top: HF11 Fluoro Block (5...-10C), either Roto-corked and brushed, or ironed through a fiberlene sheet, then Roto-corked (or vigorously hand-corked), and brushed. 

Glidewax, U14 and younger:

Base: SG8 Blue, scraped and brushed

Glide: SG6 Violet, scraped and brushed.