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Silver Crest Nordic Challenge, 20/11/5km FS and CL; Kings Hill Winter Rec. Area, Neihart, MT

Forecast/conditions: Overnight lows near -8F with a 50% chance of snow. Saturday mostly sunny with temps at race-time around 5F. Lots of new snow during the week. Soft and cold track conditions.


Base: LF10 Green, scraped while still warm, and brushed.

Glide: MF10 Green, scraped while still warm, brushed with copper or fine steel brush, then horsehair and hard nylon brushes.  Re-brush  before race start. 

Top: In these conditions, fluor toppers are not likely to add much to the ski performance, and could make the ski slower. Possibly HF13/SF92 rubbed on and ironed through a fiberlene sheet would be ok.


Base: Rough base with 150grit sandpaper. Iron in Start Base Wax, and cork smooth.

Grip: Apply a layer of Synthetic Blue, then 2-3 layers Synthetic Green, then two layers of Tar Green.