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Intermountain JNQ 2018 Lake Creek Classic Mass Start

Forecast/conditions:  Overnight low of 20F, warming to 32F by race start. Fresh snow likely. Cloudy with chance of rain/snow


Base: MF4 glider or BM4, scrape and brush

Glider: HF4,  scrape and brush

Top: HF11 Block corked and polished



With racetime temps hovering close to freezing point, and possibility of snow likely, grip waxing conditions are likely to be fluid. Be prepared to use hairies by abrading the cleaned kick zone with 150-180grit sandpaper, and then applying HF0 fluor liquid or corking HF5 powder via hand rubbing into the sanded kick zone. Otherwise, If conditions are on the wet side, apply Start Special Klister over a thin base of Purple Klister. If snow is drier, use a binder of Start Base, then several layers of Synthetic Blue. Finish with 2 layers of RF Violet or FHF Violet.