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Spud Chase, Teton Springs Resort, Victor ID 24/12/6km Freestyle

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight low in the high teens, temperature at race time low to mid-20s. Snow and blowing snow expected. Trail conditions soft.


Base: LF8 Blue, scraped while wax is still warm.  Brushed lightly with copper and hard nylon brush

Glider: Note: It is possible that the expected wind will be drying the snow out, therefore making the uses of HF products less of an advantage.  LF8 and MF8 should be very fast on their own, brushed out very well with copper and stiff nylon brushes.  However, Start HF9 powder (-5...-15C) on top could be very effective, as it is designed to work in humidities over 55%. To apply HF9 powder, iron using a 150C iron, brush up, re-iron, and brush completely.