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Sunday March 5 Testing

Welcome to Lake Placid - excited for a great week of racing.  The OC has created an amazing surface despite the extreme melt down we experienced in the East last week.  Our testing results from today we telling of extreme transformation and likely quite round and broken snow despite the somewhat cold temps over the last days.

Paraffin Test: 11:30 - 12:15 snow and air around -8c:  

FHF4 and BM4 came to the top after an extensive test on the whole course. HF10 also had good results and likely a safe paraffin for tomorrow morning.  Through testing wax that is slightly warmer than the current temps are rising to the top.  This should also give confidence moving into tomorrow where it will be continuing to trend warmer.

Kick Test: 1pm (the classic is a few days away and likely warmer but always good to look for trends)

We tested on both sides of the klister / hard wax equation.  Hard wax today was providing more kick and klister more glide.  We will be doing some transition here as we move from the cold snap, but if not good knowledge to have. 

  1. Base Extra/Base Klister ironed together thin, FHF80 3 layers
  2. Base Extra ironed and cooled, blue klister applied entire zone and center of zone again
  3. Synthetic Blue or Oslo Blue applied over Super Base

Please stop by the trailer if you want to talk about application.

Powder: 2:00-3:00

Tested during the warmest part of the day.  Snow temp actually dropped if anything throughout the day despite the sun.  Again slightly warmer than anticipated waxes working well.

  1. BM1
  2. PF 750 service powder
  3. BM3

We will be testing top coats and kick wax tomorrow morning.  Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!


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