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Vermont State Nordic Ski Classical Championships, Rikert Nordic Center, Ripton, VT

10:30 A.M. Boys 5K, 11:45 A.M. Girls 5K, Classic, Individual start 2 P.M Boys Relay, 3 P.M. Girls Relay, 4 x 2.5K, Classic, Mass start


Base: LF10 or MF10 Green

Glider: HF8 or HFxt Blue

Topcoat: HF13 crayoned on, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene. Rub on a 2nd layer, and hand-cork, then brush.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzones. Iron in a layer of Base Wax, cleaning excess from grooves and edges. Cool, then cork smooth. Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue. Then apply 2-3 more layers Synthetic Green. Possibly Tar Green will give an even better grip/glide combination with new snow.