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Rangeley Lakes Loppet Rangeley Lakes Trail Center, Rangeley, ME

9:05 A.M.. 50K/25K, Classic and Skate. Mass start, 25K loop


Base: LF10 or MF10 Green

Glider: HF10 Green or HFxt Green

Topcoat: HF9 powder (ironed, brushed up, ironed again, then lightly scraped and brushed vigorously. HF13 block crayoned on, hand-corked and brushed would be a great finishing touch.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzones. Apply a layer of Base Extra, ironing into the gripzone. Clean excess from grooves and edges, and cork smooth after cooling. Apply 4-5 layers of Synthetic Green Grip, gradually shortening the layers so that the grip wax layer is thickest under the toe, and thinnest at the ends of the zone.