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Dublin Double Eastern Cup, Dublin Nordic Center, Dublin School, Dublin, NH

Saturday, February 23

10 A.M. Women's Prologue, 11 A.M Men Prologue Noon Women's Prelim, 1 P.M. Men Prelim

3K Prologue, 1.5K Sprint Prelim, Skate Interval start, 1 loop for each race


Base: BM6 Moly-fluor

Glider: HF6 or HFxt Purple. If rewaxing for heats, use HF4 or HFxt Red

Topcoat: HF11 Block, hand- or roto-corked. Can use HFxt Blue Finishing Gel on top or by itself. For heats, rebrush and apply a layer of HFxt Finishing Gel. Roto- or hand-cork, and brush.