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Craftsbury Marathon Ski Festival, Craftsbury Nordic Center, Craftsbury, VT

9:30am women start, 9:45am men start. 50/33K, Classic. Wave Start, 16.7k loop.

Forecast/conditions: Friday overnight low of -5F, snow temps at start 2F. Temps warming to upper single digits. Partly sunny, chance of snow. Machine groomed, packed powder.


Base: SG/LF/MF10 Green,scrape and brush.

Glide: LF/MF/HF10 Green, Scrape and brush

Topcoat: HF13 ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, 2 layers. Brush.

Gripwax: Clean and sand bases. Apply layer of Base Wax, ironed in, wiping off extra from the base, edges, groove and sidewalls. Cool and cork smooth.

Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Green, then 3 more layers of Synthetic Black, or Tar Black.