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Glenville Hills Classic, Scotia, NY

Sunday, February 1710 A.M.

6K all women/girls and U16 boys, 10K men/U18 boys Classical technique. Individual/Wave start


Base: LF8 Blue

GLider: HF8 or HFxt Blue.

Topcoat: HF13 and HF11 Blocks, rubbed on, then ironed together through a sheet of fiberlene. Let cool and cork.

Option 2. Add HFxt Blue Finishing Gel, to the HF11 and HF13 layer, and cork. Polish. HFxt Blue Finishing Gel is also good by itself over the HF8 paraffin layer.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply a layer of Base Wax, and iron into the gripzone. Clean excess Base from grooves and edges. Let cool and cork smooth. Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue. If Temps are warming into upper or mid 20s, then apply a layer of RF Red, covered with a layer of RF Blue. If temps staying in low 20s, then apply 2 layers of RF Blue only.