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Freeman Frost White Mountain 30K, Jackson Touring Center, Jackson, NH

9:30am race start, mass start. 30k classic, 2 loops.

Forecast/conditions: Friday overnight low of 6F, warming to upper teens by race start. Windy. Rain and warm temps on thursday will make for icy conditions as snow cools on Friday. Saturday night, 40% chance of snow showers, continuing on through Sunday. Saturday night low of 9, with a high of 29F on Sunday. Race start mid upper teens, by 11am low 20s.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 Green, scrape and brush. Apply HF10, scrape and brush, using metal, horsehair and nylon brushes.

Topcoat: Rub on a layer of HF13 block, and iron it at 150C through a sheet of fiberlene. Apply a 2nd thin layer of HF13 after the base has cooled, and hand-cork. Brush out with designated fluor brush.

Gripwax: If new snow, use Base or Base Extra Wax, dabbed onto the base, smoothed out and ironed into the base. Let cool, and apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue into the base, covered with 2 layers of RF Blue. Cover with Tar Blue.

IF no new snow, and icy ground up snow, apply thin layer of Base Klister, and Iron into the base. Cork smooth, and Apply a thin layer of Blue and Purple Klister blended together. Smooth, and let cool. Finish with 2 layer of Oslo Blue or MFW Blue, or BM Non-fluor.