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SuperTour/NENSA/Eastern Cup/JNQ, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid, NY

10 am race start, Freestyle technique, Individual start.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 14F, temps at race start low 20s, transformed snow, machine groomed. Cloudy with a chance of snow.

Glidewax: Apply base of BM6, ABM4 or LF8. Scrape and brush. Apply HF8, scrape and brush with metal, horsehair and hard nylon brushes.

Topcoat: Rub on HF11 in a thin layer, and iron with a hot (150C) iron through a sheet of fiberlene, moving the iron slowly but constantly down the ski from tip to tail. AFter base cools, hand cork, and polish with a designated soft nylon polishing brush. Alt topcoat: HF3 Liquid applied over the top of HF11, and roto-corked.