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Bogburn Classic, North Pomfret, VT,

1:30 pm race start, BKL at 11am. 10K, Classic, 2 loops; BKL 2.8K. Interval start.

Forecast/conditions: Friday night low of -3F, rising to low teens by race start. Mostly sunny, snowmobile-packed powder snow. Single-track trail.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 or SG10 Green, scraped while still warm, and brush lightly. Apply HF10 Green, scraped while still warm, metal and stiff nylon brushed.

Topcoat: Apply HF13 fluor block, and iron through a sheet of fiberlene. Hand-cork after cooling, and polish.

Grip: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply Base Wax with torch or iron. Apply Synthetic Green, 4 layers. Apply a layer of Tar Green, and cork smooth.

Later Event: January 13
Stowe Derby, Stowe, VT