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Ski, Shoe, and Fatbike to the Clouds, Great Glen Trails, Gorham, NH

10K Classic/freestyle, mass start. Point to point.

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 25F, mostly cloudy. Temps at start 30F, mix of fresh and transformed snow. Machine groomed. Race day mostly sunny, high of 33F.


Base: LF8 Blue, scraped and brushed

Glide: HF4 Red, scraped and brushed.

Topcoat: HF11 Block (5...-10C), ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, then corked and brushed. 


Base: Rough up kickzone with 150grit sandpaper. Iron in a layer of Start Base Klister. 

Grip: Apply a layer of Start Special Klister mixed with MFW Red or Black Magic Klister. Cork smooth, and let cool. Cover with a layer of Black Magic hardware.