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Rangely Lakes Loppet, Rangely lakes Trail Center, Rangeley, ME

25K and 50K Classic and Freestyle races, Mass start, 1-2 laps

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low of 26F with a chance of snow. Temps at race start 30F, mix of fresh and transformed snow. Machine groomed. Highs of 36F.


Base: Apply LF8 or MF8 Blue, scrape and brush.

Glide: Apply HF4 Red, scrape, and brush with a metal, then hard nylon, followed by a soft nylon polishing brush.

Topcoat: HF7 Powder, ironed, Roto-corked and brushed. A layer of HF11 block (5...-10C) Roto- or hand-corked on top of the HF7 powder would be an excellent choice, giving best combination of top speed and durability. HF11 ironed directly onto the top of the HF4 layer, and corked, would also be fast.  


Base: Rough up kickzone with 150grit sandpaper. Iron in a layer of  Start Base Klister. Apply 2 layers of Start Synthetic Blue.

Grip: Apply a layer of RF Racing Purple, followed by a layer of FHF40 and Black Magic Fluor mixed and then corked.