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Empire State Games, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, 7.5/5K CL INT; Lake Placid, NY

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight Low of 14F, temps at start expected 26. Hardback, granular, manmade snow. Multiple loops of 1-1.5k course. 75% chance of snow in the morning


Base: BM6 Moly Fluor

Glide: HF8 Blue, scraped while still warm. 

Top: SFR60/HF7 Powder ironed and brushed.  FHF11 block could be very fast, otherwise HF11 block, rubbed on, rotocorked and brushed


Base: Base Extra ironed in. 

Kick: 2-3 layers Synthetic Blue or RF Blue. Add Start RF Red under the toe, then  finish with 2 layers Oslo Racing Blue.