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John Roderick Marathon, 50/25/15km SK/CL Black Mountain Nordic Trails, Rumford, ME

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight of -4F, partly cloudy. Temps at race time est. 8F, with a mix of fresh and transformed snow. Highs mid teens.


Base: BM6 Moly Fluor, or MF10 Green or LF10 green. Scraped while still warm.

Glide: HF10 Green, scraped while still warm. Brush with copper or fine steel brush, then horsehair then hard nylon brush.

Top: SFR75/HF9 powder ironed, scraped lightly, and brushed. Final layer, SFR92/HF13 block, corked and brushed. 


Base: Base Extra, ironed the night before. Leave at room temp.

Kick: 2 Layers Synthetic Blue, then 2-3 Layers Synthetic Green. Finish with 2 thin layers Tar Green