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Empire State Games, Mt. Van Hoevenberg, 20/5k, dist. TBD; Lake Placid, NY

Forecast/conditions: 1-1.5km loop, mass start, multiple laps. Manmade snow. Overnight low of -4F, race start temps expected to rise to lower teens. 40% chance of snow Saturday morning.


Base: BM6 Moly Fluor, or LF/MF10 Green. Scrape while still warm.

Glide: HF10 Green, scraped while still warm. Brush with fine steel or copper brush, then horsehair, then hard nylon brush. 

Top: SFR 75/HF9 powder ironed, scraped lightly and then brushed. Finish with SFR92/HF13 block, roto-corked and brushed. Rebrush after testing, and reapply a layer of HF13.