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Winona Forest Tourathon, 50/25/12.5k Classic; Winona Forest Trails, Manville, NY

Forecast/conditions: Overnight low 24, temps at start 24, machine groomed and packed powder surface. Cloudy with a chance of snow. 


Base: LF8 Blue or BWLF, scraped and brushed.

Glide: HF8 Blue and HF4 Red mixed 1:1, or MF equivalents.

Top: HF11 Fluor block (5...-10C) crayoned on.  For longer races, iron application through a sheet of fiberlene, then brushed and polished. For shorter races, cork or Roto-cork and polish.


Base: Roughen kick-zone with 150grit sandpaper, then iron in Basewax Extra.

Grip: Apply 2-3 layers of Synthetic Blue, then 3 layers of RF Red. Finish with a thin layer of Oslo Green.