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Polar Bear Ski Club End of Year Race, McCauley Mountain, Old Forge, NY

Sunday December 30, 12:30pm, Freestyle, Interval start, 2.5k loop. 10k/5k race distances.

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight temps in the mid-40s, with a 40% chance of light rain. Cloudy skies w/ temps falling throughout the morning, dropping to 23F by start. Frozen, packed powder with icy conditions likely.

Glidewax: Apply LF8 or ABM4, scrape and brush. Apply HF6 Purple, scrape and brush. For topcoat, rub on HF11 block, and roto- or hand-cork in. Let cool, and brush with designated fluor brush. Alt. topcoats: HF1 liquid, or HFxt Gel Finisher Purple.