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Craftsbury Marathon, Craftsbury Nordic Center, Craftsbury, VT. 48/33/16k Classic Wave start

Women's race starts at 9am, Men's race at 9:15. 

Forecast/Conditions: Friday overnight low in the mid-teens. Temps at racetime expected in the low 20s., warming to low 30s by noon. Cloudy with some wind. Mix of groomed manmade and natural snow. Possibility of windblown snow in tracks.

Glide wax:

Base: BM6 Molybdenum Fluor, scraped while still warm. Brush

Glider: HF8(-6C..-12C) and HF4 (0C...-3C) mixed 1:1, or HF6(-2C..-7C) alone. 

Top: HF7 Powder, ironed, brushed up, re-ironed and brushed out. HF11 Block (5C...-10C) roto-corked, brushed and polished.

Grip wax:

Base: Base Wax ironed, followed by 2 layers of Synthetic Blue 

Grip:  2-3 layers RF Violet, covered by 2 thin layers of RF Red. BM Fluor (2C...-30C) hardwax added as final top layer