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Saturday Freestyle

Temps; Overnight 28 warming to 35-39F

Snow : new wet snow mixed with old transformed snow

Maximum Speed Option

Glide. Base Wax. Start BM6 Green.

Race Wax. Start FHF2 Red.   

Fluoro: Start FHF5 powder. 

Top Coat. If it is raining or the snow is highly saturated with water, FHF1 (formerly called N1) liquid will be UNBEATABLE!

Also Really Fast Options

Glide. Base Wax. Start LF10 Green or Start SGG Graphite

Race Wax. Start BM2 Yellow, BM4 Violet,  HF4 Red, MF4 Red would all be good options. 

Fluoro. SFR99 block, BM5 block, BM1 powder, SF30 powder, SFR300 liquid would all be great options! 

Sunday Classic

Glide Same as Saturday

Kick Wax

Base Wax. Start Base klister, thin and ironed. 

Main Wax. Start FHF10 Red Fluoro klister; add some MFW Yellow or Uni Plus if more kick is needed. Start Uni Plus would also be a good choice.  

Skin Skis

Wipe skin with Fiberlene to clean most of the dirt. Apply Start Skin Grip and wipe clean with Fiberlene. Repeat until Fiberlene shows no more dirt. 

Spray Start Fluoro Skin Grip on the skin.  This should be done on race morning.  

For maximum speed, apply Start SFR300 liquid to skin about 15 minutes before the race start. 

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