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Nensa Opener

Nensa Opener   

Craftsbury Nordic Center, VT

Sat Dec 19, Classic Sprint 9:30 women 10:30 men qualifiers 1:00 1:39 Heats

Sun Dec 20, Freestyle 9:30 - 2:00



Saturday High 20’s Artificial, Coarse, high moisture, dirtychance of snow flurries in PM Sunday High 20’s Artificial, Coarse, high moisture, dirty with a fluff of new.


Base layer:  For both days

Start SG10- Green to keep dirt off.


Glider: Both Days

Good: Start LF6   ~ 5% Fluor will help shed moisture & dirt

Better: Start MF6 ~10% Flour will help shed more moisture & dirt

Best: Start BM4 ~ 20% Fluor + Moly will help shed most moisture, dirt and coarse snow


100% Fluor Finishing Wax:

Hydrophobic to turn water into water bearings & shed dirt

Start SFR 99 block, ironed in night before (could also use BMR5 block)

and/or Start SFR 300 liquid, air dried & then corked in (could also use BMR9 liquid)




Oslo Purple over Base Extra


RF Red over Base Extrat