Start's American Birkebeiner Wax Suggstions

Updated 02.23.2017 @ 10am

Discussion. It might snow 1-6 inches based on most forecasts, which means that there is still a chance we will be racing on Saturday. 

The 2 priorities in waxing are DURABILITY because the snow currently on the trail will be turned into uber-abrasive icy snow crystals and DIRT REPELLANCY because snow that has melted for 5+ days tends to draw the dirt into the top-layer of the snow. 

In glide waxing, durability is best found by having skis with well conditioned bases. If you wax your skis regularly through the season, and they don't get gray quickly while skiing, your bases are well conditioned. If they get gray quickly, don't seem to stay fast while you ski, etc. you should consider putting an initial layer of Start SG8 blue or Start LF8 blue on prior to the race waxing.  This conditioning will help the rest of the wax-job work better.  

Once the bases are well conditioned, the other two strategies to increase durability on abrasive snow are to use a hard wax as a base layer and to use waxes with as much fluoro as your budget will handle.  

To deal with the dirt in the snow, fluoro again becomes an important "friend" but also having a dry-lubricant additive like molybdenum can really help to keep the dirt off your skis. Start's BM line of waxes have both high levels of fluoro and molybdenum making them ideal of dirty snow.  

If you're looking for excellent speed but you want to keep things really simple (Keep It Start Simple), starting with a hard first layer, like any of the Start Green waxes, using Start's "blue" range waxes as the main layer (with whatever level of fluoro you want to buy), and maybe finishing with a universal fluoro block like SFR99 would be a fantastic way to get speedy skis without making it too complicated. 

Also stop by the Start/Bliz booth at the expo to get last-minute tips and pick up any waxes, tools and eyewear that you will need.  

Preceding Weather. Lows 28-34F, highs 45-55F. High on Friday apx 36F with snow likely. 

Race Day Weather. Overnight low around 13F, high 28F with some new snow likely.  

Snow Conditions. Expect highly transformed granular and dirty snow with a coating up to several inches of new snow. 

Podium-Level Glide Wax.

Base Wax. Start BM6 Green. Start BWLF would be a good alternative especially if there's significant new snow. 

Race Wax. Start FHF6 Blue is ideal for old, dirty and humid conditions. Start HF8 Blue, FHF4, and HF6 Purple would be good alternatives. 

Fluoro. Start FHF7 Powder or Start SFR60 Powder.

Top Coat. Start FHF11 block or Start BMR5 block. 

Keep It Start Simple(KISS) Glide Wax. (The SG or LF versions can be substituted as economical alternatives)  

Base Wax. Start  "Green" waxes.  LF10 Green would be great.   

Race Wax. Start "Blue" waxes. Choose your fluoro level based on your budget. The more fluoro the better. 

Top Coat. Start SFR99 Universal block. 

Kick Wax. 

Base. Base klister, thin and ironed.

Main Kick Wax. Start FHF30 Purple klister. Start Purple klister would be a good economic alternative. 

Final Layer.  Start FHF60 Red, Start FHF80 Blue, Start Terva Red or Blue and Start Synthetic Blue are all good options. Choose the "Blue" waxes if you generally need less kick than most skiers. Choose the "Red" waxes if you generally need more kick than most skiers.