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Sonot Kkazoot, Birch Hill Recreation Area, Fairbanks, AK

Saturday, March 23, 2019, 11am Mass Start all races.  40/50K Freestyle, 20K Freestyle

Forecast/conditions: Friday cloudy, 23-45F. Saturday partly cloudy, 27-42. Warm daytime temps and below freezing nights during the week will make conditions hard and fast.

Base: LF8 Blue. Iron in 2x before scraping, letting wax cool between ironing.

Glider. HF6 Purple / HFxt Purple. Note: HFxt Blue/HF8 Blue will also be fast, and likely more durable for longer races.


Option 1: HFxt Purple Finishing Gel, 2 layers. Hand- or roto-corked.

Option 2: HF11 block, 2 layers. 1st layer, iron through a sheet of fiberlene, cool and brush. Apply 2nd layer of HF11 block, and hand- or roto-cork. Let cool, and brush and polish.

Option 3: HF7 Powder, ironed, brushed up, re-ironed, and brushed and polished. Add Finishing Gel or HF11 Block on top, and hand or roto-cork.

Gripwax: Clean and sand bases. Apply a layer of Base Klister and iron into the gripzone. Let cool, and cork smooth. Apply a layer of Purple and Special Klister mixed 1:1, cork smooth and let cool. Apply a layer of Oslo Racing Purple over the top, and cork smooth, taking care not to blend with the klister. Let cool, and apply a layer of Oslo Blue Extra, and cork smooth.

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SKAN24, Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK