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SKAN24, Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK

24 Hour race, solor, 8 person or 4 person teams. 24hr, 12hr, or 6hr times.

Forecast/conditions: Warm, melting conditions over the past week has resulted in very transformed, dirty snow condtions. No changes expected for Satuday/Sunday, with highs in the 40s, lows in lower 30s overnight.


Base: BM6 or M8 molybdenum wax, or MF8 Blue. Dirty snow. Iron in several times, adding more before each ironing.

Glider: HF6 / HFxt Purple. BM4 Moly would also be a good option. Possibly even HF8 Blue would be a good idea, as the hardness of the Blue paraffin will help durability, as well pick up less dirt. Again, iron several times, adding more before each ironing.

Topcoat: HF11 block, or HFxt Red Finishing Gel hand-corked. If using powders, then iron in HF5 or HF7, or BM3 moly powder, brush up, iron again, cool, then do a final brush and polish. Hand-cork on block or gel over the top. After several hours or so of skiing, rebrush the skis to remove dirt, and reapply the block or gel. NOTE: If you have applied a topcoat, hot-waxing a paraffin on later during the race will be less effective, as the fluorocarbon on the surface of the base will prevent more paraffin from absorbing into the base material without using a fluor solvent, so better to simply rebrush and keep applying more fluor topcoat. It would be even better to have a 2nd pair of skis to switch to, but not all of have that option