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Region III Championships, Classic, GPRA Trail System, Palmer, AK

Classic technique

Base: LF6 or MF6 Purple

Glide: HF4 Red

Topcoat (if allowed): HF11 Block, crayoned on and roto- or hand corked. Also ok to iron through a sheet of fiberlene, but hand cork after base cools, and rub a 2nd layer of fluor block, hand corking and brushing.

Grip: Clean and sand bases. Apply a thin layer of Base Wax, and then a layer of Synthetic Blue, ironing the two together. Let cool, and cork smooth. Clean excess from groove and edges. Apply a 2nd layer of Synthetic Blue, then two layers of RF Red, corking between layers. For better glide, apply a thin layer of RF Blue or FHF80 Blue.