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Tour of Tsalteshi, Tsalteshi Trails, Soldotna, AK

20K Skate and 20K Classic races, and 40K Skate race. 11:30 race start.

Forecast/conditions: Friday high near 20F, Northeast wind around 5mph. Friday night, snow, mainly after midnight. Low around 17F. Northeast wind around 5mph. Saturday 80% chance of new snow, high near 26.


Base: LF8 or MF8 Blue

Glide: HF6 Purple.

Topcoat: HF11 block, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, then hand-corked and brushed, and/or HFxt Purple FInishing Gel.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply a thin layer of Base Wax, ironed. Cork smooth after cooling. Apply 1-2 layers of Synthetic Blue wax over the Base. Apply 3 more layers of RF Red, with the final layer shorter and primarily under the ball of the foot and a little in front of the toe. If necessary, apply a thin layer of RF Blue or FHF80 Blue on top to speed up the glide qualities without adversely affecting the grip.

Alt Grip for: After apply the Base Wax and Synthetic Blue, apply 2-3 layers of Tar Red, again going short on the 3rd layer, applying primarily under the ball of the foot and slightly in front of the toe. Apply a thin layer of Tar Blue over the top if necessary.