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AMH Anchorage Cup Moose's Tooth Classic, Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK

Noon start, 25/15/5/3k race distances. Wave start by distance.

**Updated 1/26/19, 5:30pm.

Well, after some back and forth, the race is Classic again!

Forecast/conditions: Mixed rain and snow combined with winds and upper 30s temps on Wed and Thursday will leave the track transformed and icy in places. Cooling temps Friday NIght, with rain and snow likely. A high of 34 Saturday, combined with a low Saturday night of 24 will firm up the course, with transformed, granular snow. Significant debris from trees in track.

Glidewax: For aggressive, dirty snow, we should apply BM6 Molybdenum-fluor wax first as a base, scrape and brush. Then apply FHF4 Purple (-1..-6C) or HF4 Red (0..-4C), scrape and brush.

Topcoat: Many options will run fast, with FHF11 block rubbed on and ironed through a sheet of fiberlene being an excellent option. The new HFxt Red Finishing Gel performed very well in testing today. Rubbing on a 2nd layer and hand-corking is recommended, and polishing with a designated nylon polishing brushes.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply a thin layer of Base Klister ironed in, or Base Spray. Cover with Special Klister, thin layer, then a Universal Wide Klister layer. Possible to cover at the last with a layer of Oslo Racing Purple Special or FHF40 (can chilled to ease application).