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ASD High School Race, Skiathlon, Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK

11AM race start, wave start. 5K Classic + 5K Skate.

Forecast/conditions: Friday rain likely , then rain and snow likely in the afternoon. Friday night will be mostly cloudy with a low around 27. South winds 10-15mph. Saturday partly sunny, high near 34. Southeast wind 10-15mph.

Glidewax: Apply BM6 moly fluor or Magic 8 non-fluor wax, and scrape and brush. Apply HF4 Red, scrape and brush. MF4 or LF4 will be good as well if no HF.

Topcoat: HF11 Block with HF1 liquid roto-corked together, and brushed.

Gripwax: Clean and sand gripzone. Apply Blue Klister in a thin layer. Apply Special Klister (+2..-2C) and Universal Wide Klister 50/50. Add several drops of Red Klister underfoot for more grip.