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Besh Cup JNQ #4, Tsalteshi Trails, Skyview Middle School, Soldotna, AK

11am race start. Classic Interval Start, 1K/3K/5K/10K races.

Forecast/conditions: Saturday night clear skies, low of -1F. Sunday mostly sunny, high of 10F. Old, transformed snow.

Glidewax: Apply LF10 or MF10 Green, scrape and brush. Apply HF10 Green, scrape and brush with metal, horsehair and stiff nylon brushes. For topcoat, crayon a layer of HF13 block, ironing through a sheet of fiberlene. Let cool, and hand-cork. After hand-corking apply a 2nd layer of HF13, and hand-cork again. Let ski cool, and polish with designated fluor polishing brush. Re-brush after testing/warming up.

Gripwax: Clean and sand bases. Apply a thin layer of Base hardwax. Apply 4 thin layers of Start Synthetic Green. Finish with a thin layer of Oslo Racing Super Green, corked lightly.