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KINROSS Ft. Knox Town Series Race #3, Wooly Rhino Classic, Birch Hill Recreation Area, Fairbanks, AK

**Rescheduled from January 12 to the 13th due to extreme cold temps on the original race day.

New race date: January 13th, 11am races start. Mass start for elementary races, Interval start all others.

Kindergarten-1st grade-2nd grade classes (1km), followed by 3rd and 4th grade classes (1.5km), and 5th and 6th grade classes (2km). Middle school skiers will go 2.5Km, Women will go 7.5Km and high school and adult men will go 10Km.

More information here:

Forecast/conditions: Extreme cold conditions on Saturday will warm up to just cold conditions on Sunday.

Glidewax: LF10 Green, scraped and brushed. Apply MF10 Green, scraped and brushed.

Gripwax: Apply Base Wax thinly. Let cool, and Apply 4-5 thin layers of Synthetic Black wax. Finish with a thin layer of Tar Black.