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Oosik Classic, Mile 10 of Talkeetna Spur Road, Talkeetna, Alaska

Friday a.m., 3-16-2017: Preliminary waxing recommendation, check back later Friday for possible tweaks! 

On race day, check in at the AMH tent at the race start for neutral on-site waxing support. 

50/25K Classic race, Mass start.  Noon Start for 50K; 12:30pm start for 25k. Single loop.

Forecast conditions: Light snow began falling faround 6pm Thursday, still falling Friday morning by 8am. Temps remained around 31F most of the night.  Rain/snow mix expected Friday, expected highs of 36F. Friday night/Saturday morning low of 25F, with rain/snow mix changing to isolated snow showers overnight. Saturday is expected to be partly sunny with a high near 40F, with isolated snow showers before 10am. Race-time air temp of 32F expected, climbing to close to 40 by 3pm. Humidity expected to be in 80s and 90s. One lap course set and packed via snow-machine, so soft conditions are likely.

*Note: The course profile for the Oosik is relatively flat, so it will be important not to over-kickwax  for the race.  Additionally, it will most likely be soft conditions due to the recent snow falls, and the  snow-machine grooming, so have your biggest baskets on your poles!

Glidewax: Updated Friday A.M. 3/16/18  *Friday P.M. no changes to glide wax

Option 1: 3-Layer with 100% fluor top coat. 

Base: LF8 or MF8 Blue (-6..-12C), scraped and brushed. 

Glide: FHF4 (-1..-6C) or HF4 Red (0..-3C) scraped and brushed. 

Topcoat: HF5 Powder (+5..-3C) ironed, Roto-corked, and brushed out thoroughly. Re-brush with horse-hair or hard nylon before race start. Alternative: Substitute HF11 Block (5...-10C)for HF5 powder, ironed on through fiberlene and roto-corked, then brushed thoroughly. Re-brush before race start.

Option 2: 2-layer with HF Top Coat

Base: LF8 Blue (-6..-12C), ironed in 2x, (letting the wax cool between ironings), then scraped and brushed. 

Glide: HF4 Red, Scraped and brushed. Re-brush with horsehair or hard nylon before race start.

Option 3: 2 Layer with MF Top Coat

Base: LF8 Blue (-6..-12C), ironed in 2x, (letting the wax cool between ironings), then scraped and brushed. 

Glide: MF Red, Scraped and brushed. Re-brush with horsehair or hard nylon before race start.


Gripwax: Updated Friday 7:30 P.M., 3/16/18

*It is entirely possible that Skin skis will be the easiest, most efficient ski to use in the conditions expected on Saturday. An alternative would be to make your own "Hairies" in the grip zone by applying sandpaper (ranging from 150-180grit), torching it quickly to stiffen the hairs, and apply a liquid fluorocarbon like HF0, or hand-working in a fluor powder like HF5, to lubricate the hairs.  The fluor liquid may need to be reapplied during the race, but it can be amazingly effective in difficult-to-wax conditions like are anticipated, with the only downside being durability. 

Base: Rough up grip-zone with 150grit sandpaper after cleaning the base thoroughly. Apply a thin layer Start Base Klister, heating it in with an iron, and let cool. Smooth with a cork, then apply a layer of Start Synthetic Blue. 

Grip: Apply 2 layers of RF Violet. Then apply 2 layers of Start Oslo Racing Extra Blue, dabbing and twisting it on the grip zone, and then corking smooth. If too much grip, apply a layer of Tar Blue. If not enough grip, apply a short layer of Oslo Racing Super (Purple, 2..-3C). *Start Black Magic Molybdenum Fluor can also be an excellent finishing or blending wax to increase the adaptability of the wax job in what will likely be variable conditions. 

Klister option/possibility: After roughing up base, apply a thin layer of Start Base Klister. After cooling, apply a layer of Start Special Klister (+2..-2C) and let cool. Then, apply a layer of Oslo Racing Special Purple, using the dab and twist method to apply. To speed up, apply a layer of Oslo Racing Extra Blue as a final layer, or Start Tar Blue.  Remember to use a shorter kick zone for the klister application to keep your skis from dragging.

*Remember to check in at a vendor tent at the race start for on-site wax recommendations.