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Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon, McNeill Canyon Trail System, Homer, AK

9:30 am 42/25k, 10am 13k Tour; Freestyle, Mass Start

Forecast/conditions: Significant snowfall, up to a foot Thursday and an inch on Friday. Overnight lows Friday night of 21. Race start 26, Cloudy, 70% humidity.


Base: LF8 Blue, scrape and brush

Glide: HF6 Violet (-2..-7C), scraped and brushed.

Topcoat: HF7 (-2..-7C) fluor powder, ironed and brushed, or HF11 block (5...-10C) crayoned on the base and ironed through a sheet of fiberlene, then brushed and polished. Rebrush before racing.


Base: Iron on a layer of Start Base wax. Cork smooth.  Apply two layers of Start Synthetic Blue

Glide: Apply a layer of RF Violet, then a layer of RF Red. Then, apply RF Red and Black Magic Fluor, blending them together to provide a top layer that will adjust better as the temps rise.