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ASAA Alaska State High School Championships, Relay, Birch Hill, Fairbanks, AK

Girls 4 x 3k mixed technique relay (CL,CL,SK,SK) at 11am, Boys 4 x 5k mixed technique relay at 1pm. 

Forecast/conditions: Partly cloudy, overnight low of -3. High of 9F. Firm tracks.


Base: LF10 Green, scraped while still warm

Glide: HF10 Green, scraped while still warm, brushed with fine steel or copper brush, then horsehair and hard nylon brush.

Top: HF13 Fluor block, ironed through a sheet of fiberlene. Let cool, then cork by hand. Brush out with nylon brush, then polish.


Base: Rough kick zone with 150grit sandpaper. Iron on a layer of Start Base wax. 

Grip: Apply a layer of Start Synthetic Blue, then 2 layers of Start Synthetic Green. Cover with a layer of Tar Green, or Oslo Green.