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Raven Romp, Buetow Dental and Pangaea Health Distance Series #3, Birch Hill, Fairbanks, Alaska

30km/10km, Classic. 10k loop. 

Forecast/conditions: Saturday night low of 6F, with a high of 20F on Sunday.  Partly sunny. 


Base: LF10 Green, scraped while still warm and brushed.

Glide: HF10 Green, Scraped while still warm, and brushed thoroughly. 

Top: HF13 Fluoro Block, applied with a Roto-cork, and brushed with a nylon polishing brush. Alternative method: iron through a sheet of fiberlene, then Roto-cork or vigorously hand-cork with a natural cork. Finish with a soft nylon polish brush.


Base: Rough up grip-zone with 150grit sandpaper. Iron in a layer of Start Base Extra and cork smooth.

Grip: Apply 2 layers of Synthetic Blue, followed by a 2-3 layers of RF Blue. Finish with 2 layers of Oslo Green.