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AMH Anchorage Cup Sven Johansson, Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK

***Preliminary wax Report, check back again Saturday, Feb 17 for updates. Forecast is fluctuating.

30/10/5KM race distances, Freestyle, Mass start waves.

Forecast/conditions: Saturday high expected to be around 25F, with a Saturday night low around 5-15F. As of Thursday, Sunday temps are expected to be highs around 28F with a noon race start temp of 20F, climbing to 26F by 2pm.  Frequent new snow over the days preceding the race should make for great course conditions. 


Base: LF10 Green, scraped while still warm. Brush 

Glide: HF8 Blue, scraped while bases still warm, then brush with fine steel or copper brush, then horsehair and nylon. 

Top: HF9 Fluor powder, ironed in. Allow to cool, then brush up. Re-iron, cool, then Roto-cork. Brush out with hard nylon then soft nylon polishing brush. Alternative: HF13 and HF11 crayoned and blended together, then ironed through a fiberlene sheet. Hand-cork vigorously with a natural cork, then brush with a nylon polishing brush. Re-brush before race start.