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Icicle Double Day 2, Freestyle, December 30, Govt. Peak Recreation Area, Palmer, AK

Freestyle; 11am race start for 30k distance, 12noon for 15k, 12:05 for 5k. Mass start format.

Conditions/forecast: Cloudy with snow showers mainly during the morning. High 27F. Winds NE at 5-10mph. Chance of snow 50%, accumulation less than 1”. 22F at race time, with an overnight low of 13F.

Glide: Apply LF8 Blue, scrape while still warm, and brush. Apply HF8 Blue or HFxt Blue, scrape will still warm, and brush with metal and hard nylon. For topcoat, HF9 powder, ironed and brushed after cooling. Hand-cork after brushing, and polish. Alt: Apply HF13 rubbed on and corked either by itself, or on top of HF9 powder. IF applying HF13 by itself as topcoat, ironing through a fiberlene sheet is a good method, but recommend hand-corking after cooling.