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Icicle Double Day 1 Classic, December 29, Govt. Peak Recreation Area, Palmer, AK

Classic technique; mass start format: 30k Start time: 11am, 15k start 12noon, 5k 12:05pm.

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“**Check back for updates Friday the 28th, especially for grip waxing

Forecast/conditions: Snow during the morning will transition to snow showers during the afternoon.. High of 21F, overnight low of 19-20. Chance of snow: 90%. 1-3 inches of accumulation. Mix of new snow on top of of old, but non-abrasive snow. Softer tracks expected. Humidity 80%+.

Glidewax: Iron on LF8 Blue, scraping while still warm, and brushing. Apply HF8 Blue or HFxt Blue, scrape while still warm, and brush with metal, then stiff nylon brush. For topcoat, rub on HF13 block, and root-cork or iron through fiberlene. If using ironing method, let cool and hand cork before brushing and polishing. Alt topcoat: HF9 Powder, ironed, brushed and polished, with a layer of HF13 rubbed on and hand-corked over the top.

Gripwax: Apply Base mixed with Synthetic Blue (dab on Base, then rub Blue over, then iron the two together). Apply 3 layers of Synthetic Blue, then cover with a layer of Tar Green. Alt: Three layers of Blue on top of base application, covered with several layers of RF Blue. FHF80 Blue to cover.