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Besh Cup JN Qualifer #1, CL Ind. Start, Govt. Peaks Rec. Area, Palmer, AK

Interval Start, Classic. 11am start time. U18+M: 15k (7.5x2); 18+F: 10k (5x2);U16 M & F: 5km; U14M & F:3.75k; U08-10: 1k

Conditions: New fresh snow, partly cloudy. High of 21. Winds NNE 5-10mph.

Glidewax: Apply base of LF10 Green, scrape while still warm, and brush. Apply MF8 or HF8 Blue, scraping while still warm. Brush with metal brush, then stiff nylon brush.

For topcoat, apply FHXT Gel Finisher Blue, hand corking or roto-corking, then brush. Alternate: HF13 block, hand or rotocorked, then brushed.

Gripwax: Apply Basewax mixed with Blue Grip, ironed together. Apply 3-4 layers Blue, then a cover layer of RF Blue.

Structure: Cold/fine linear.