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Updated* AMH Anchorage Cup Series Pia's Classic 30/15/5k CL mass

Race start: Noon

Weather forecast/snow conditions: Sunday lows -5 to 5F, highs 15-20. Track conditions a mix of icy old, and/or manmade snow and newer cold natural snow. Dirt and tree debris will be mixed in several places throughout the loop.

Glide: Base: LF10 Green or BM6 Glider. Scrape while still warm, and brush lightly with copper brush

Glide: MF10 or HF10 Green paraffin. Scrape while bases are still warm, then brush with metal , then horsehair, then stiff nylon brush.

Top: HF13 Fluor block rotocorked and brushed

Grip: Sand grip zones with 100-150grit sandpaper. Apply a layer of Base Extra wax and Synthetic Blue, and iron them together. Let cool and cork smooth. Apply Synthetic Green 4 layers, corking smooth without too much pressure. Finish with 2 thin layers of Tar Green kick.

Grip alternative cover: BM non-flour cover to reduce dirt collection.