to Mar 8

Tour of Anchorage

Sunday March 5

Snow- Old cold snow with some dirty sections Temps Lows -5F race temps 5F -15F Cold

UnderGlide:  Start SG Graphite or BM6 

Glide: Start MF10- Green

Top Coat: Start SFR 92 Cold block or SFR 75 Cold Powder

Kick: Oslo Green

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to Feb 20

Sven Johanssen 30k skate

Saturday Night 15F-20F roughly 75%RH. 4-6 inches of wet snow yesterday and it's supposed to snow off and on thru Saturday morning. For Sunday, the race starts at noon for the 30km and probably 12:15 for the 10km. It should be 23F-26F during the race with RH dropping back to about 65%.

Underglide: Start LF08

Glide: MF6 or HF6 purple

Top Coat: SFR99

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to Jan 11

AMH Anchorage Cup - Hickok Pursuit on Sun 1/8/17

AMH Anchorage Cup - Hickok Pursuit on Sun 1/8/17

Skiathlon race at hillside (7.5k classic/7.5k skate) on sun 1/8/17 @ noon

low on sat night/sun morning is to be 0F and high for the day is to be 15F

we had snow about a week ago which was a dense grippy cold snow, but lots of cold this week drying it out.

It has stayed really cold since then and the trails are dirty and very hard right now.

Underglide: SG10

Glider LF10  or MF 10 

Kick Base Binder

Kick  : super easy with Synthetic Green.


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to Dec 14

AMH Anchorage Cup Sprint Relay

Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK Sunday Dec 11 12:00

1 Km skate lap

Weather: Overnight down to 0F race day temps 3-13F

Snow: New Snow Artificial Snow Mix

Glider: BM6 Green for the dirty coarse artificial snow or MF10 Green 

Finishing Powder SFR92 Cold Block or SRF 75 cold powder


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to Mar 2

Alaska State Championships

Kincaid Park

Snow : Artificial Snow - Temps high 20's in am to high 30's at race ends

Base Glider: Start BM6 

Glider: Start FHF4 (or BM4)

To Coat FHF 5 Powder (or FHF7,  BM5, or 7) 


Base Klister

early right around 32F try Start Special Klister 

later try Uni Wide Klister or FHF50 UniKlister

add MFW red or Fhf10 when it gets wetter

also try Start Specia

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to Feb 11

Besh Cup 5&6

Besh cup #5 - Freestyle Interval 5k/10k - Sat 2/6 @ 11am Birch Hill

Temp- 9F with no wind. Old, dirty snow and 70-80% RH


Base: Start SG10 green

Mid: Start BM6

Top Layer: SFR75


Besh cup #6 -

Classic Mass Start 3k/10k - Sun 2/7 @ 11am Birch Hill

Temp- 11F with no wind. Old, dirty snow and 50-60% RH

Base: Start Green SG10

Mid: Start BM6 

Top Layer: SFR75


Base: Basewax

Mid: Synthetic Nordic or Synthetic Green if more kick is needed

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to Feb 11

Alaska Ski For women

2/7 Sun @ 10:30am 7k skiathlon or 11am 3.3k classic or skate Kincaid Park

23F with light wind man made snow with 80% RH


Base Layer: SG10

Mid Layer: MF10

Top Layer: SFR60


Base Layer: Basewax Extra

Mid Layer: Oslo Extra Blue

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to Jan 27

Besh Cup 3 & 4

Besh Cup # 3-4,

Homer AK, Jan 23-24

Race 3 - Freestyle sprint 11am –

Cloudy 25F with light northern wind so not as humid as it could be.

Saturday Base; Start SG6 Purple

Saturday Glide Start Purple 6 LF, or better MF, or better HF or best FHF6 Purple Glider

Fluor SFR99 Wide Block or better FHF 7 purple powder  


Race 4 is a classic interval –

Cloudy and 28F with light wind so less humidity than usual.

Sunday Base; Start SG6 Purple

Sunday Glide Start Purple 6 LF, or better MF, or better HF or best FHF6 Purple Glider

Fluor SFR99 Wide Block or better FHF 7 purple powder  



Base Ironed in or Oslo Blue

RF Purple and RF red

FHF Red cover

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to Jan 20

Anchorage HS race Jan 16

Anchorage HS race Jan 16

Temp sat is forecast at 20F and probably around 70% humidity 

Will most likely be at Kincaid but not 100% sure

4-6 inches of snow Wednesday

Glide: Start Graphite base

Start SG8 Blue

 Kick:  Oslo blue for snow making loop otherwiseb Base wax with RF blue

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to Jan 14

Anchorage HS race Jan 9


Jan 9th High School Race

Anchorage, AK


Chance of snow early sat then rain/snow mix in afternoon temps right at freezing


Races from 11am - 2pm


Format is 2 people, 2 laps of 2k all skating 


No Fluoro Race


Base layer:  Start SGGraphite

Glider: Start SG4 Red  (32°...27°F)

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to Dec 14

AMh Kickok Pursuit

Start Wax Genius Race Wax Suggestions


AMH Anchorage Cup – Hickok Duathlon

Dec 13, Anchorage, AK

Race start at noon.  

Event is scheduled to be 15K with 7.5K of classic followed by 7.5K of skate.

Snow: Artificial, Coarse, high moisture and potentially light areas of dirt.


Base layer:

Start SG10- Green to keep dirt off.



Good: Start LF6   ~ 5% Fluor will help shed moisture & dirt

Better: Start MF6 ~10% Flour will help shed more moisture & dirt

Best: Start BM6 ~ 20% Fluor + Moly will help shed most moisture, dirt and coarse snow



100% Fluor Finishing Wax:

Hydrophobic to turn water into water bearings & shed dirt

Start SFR 99 block, ironed in night before (could also use BMR5 block)


Start SFR 300 liquid, air dried & then corked in (could also use BMR9 liquid)


Kick wax layer:

Start Binder – To add layer that grip wax can bind with.

Start Oslo Blue – To provide grip on man-made snow which can be icy in spots.


Start RF Blue – To provide grip on man-made snow which can be icy in spots.


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